Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is f2o Sports?

 – f2o Sports, short for Fan to Owner, is a groundbreaking initiative that aims to revolutionize the ownership of sports teams by allowing common people to become owners.

2. How can I become an owner of a sports team through f2o Sports?

 – You can become an owner by purchasing units of Fan to Owner Futbol 1 through the WeFunder platform. Units are available at an affordable price and can be acquired with any international credit card (if outside the United States) or domestic USA credit cards.

3. What does owning a unit of f2o Sports entail?

– You are actually buying ownership in a subsidiary of f2o Sports, called Fan to Owner Futbol 1. Owning a unit of Fan to Owner Futbol 1 makes you a part-owner of the sports team. As a unit holder, you may benefit financially from the team results, and you also get the opportunity to participate in important club decisions through fan voting.

4. How does the ownership structure work?

– f2o Sports is a corporation that is the managing member of Fan to Owner Futbol 1. Fans can buy units in Fan to Owner Futbol 1. The funds raised are then used to continue to promote our business model to the world, build our team, and engage in negotiations with potential Spanish Futbol we have interest in purchasing in the near future.

5. Is f2o Sports only for fans in the US?

 – No, f2o Sports is a global initiative. People from anywhere in the world can participate and become owners by purchasing units through the WeFunder platform.

6. What is WeFunder, and how does it relate to f2o Sports?

 – WeFunder is the platform through which you can acquire units of Fan to Owner Futbol 1. It facilitates the crowdfunding process, allowing people to invest in the ownership of sports teams, with just an international credit card for people outside the USA.

7. How secure is the crowdfunding process on WeFunder?

Learn more about WeFunder here.

8. Can I sell my ownership units in the future?

Investors in the crowdfunding raise have to hold their units for twelve months. Our plan is to develop a secondary market for trading but at this time there is not a process for this.

9. How are important decisions made within the club, and can I participate in them?

 – Unit holders have the opportunity to participate in important club decisions through fan voting. f2o Sports and its subsidiary Fan to Owner Futbol 1 believe in empowering owners to have a say in the team’s direction.

11. Is there a limit to the number of units I can purchase?

 – The number of units you can purchase may be subject to certain limits, which can vary based on regulatory requirements and the terms of the crowdfunding campaign.

12. What sports teams does f2o Sports plan to acquire?

 For this crowdfunding process, we will target a Futbol team in Spain under our subsidiary Fan to Owner Futbol 1. Then after this acquisition, f2o Sports will diversify and explore acquisitions of different sports around the world.

13. Are there any additional costs after purchasing units?

 – There are no additional costs after purchasing units. Your initial investment covers your ownership stake, and no future financial obligations exist.

14. How does f2o Sports ensure transparency in its operations?

 – f2o Sports is committed to transparency and will provide regular updates on financial performance and any other relevant information to unit holders per our operating agreement.

15. What happens if the fundraising goal is not reached?

 – If the fundraising goal is not reached, f2o Sports will communicate the next steps to unit holders. This may include alternative plans or a refund process, depending on the circumstances.

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