About us.

f2o Sports is a global company founded on the sports fields of Stanford University, in the heart of Silicon Valley, with the purpose of revolutionizing the outdated model of sports franchise ownership by turning sports fans into owners of the game. Our mission is to create the world’s largest fan-based ownership community!

We were born out of a shared passion among entrepreneurs who recognized the need for transformative change in the sports industry. Instead of pursuing a smaller profit-driven project, our founders came together with the ambition to make a lasting impact on society.

We are determined to decentralize, digitize, and bring sports ownership global by empowering fans to participate in our stock offering, giving them a voice in club-level decisions, and allowing them to be part of their team in the same way owners are.

We invite fans from around the world to join us on our journey to evolve the esoteric forms of ownership in sports and to send a message to the old guard that a movement is happening, and we plan on esuring every fan is poised to “Own the Game!”

Our founders.

Our Goal

Our goal at f2o is to revolutionize the sports industry, placing fans at the heart of ownership and decision-making. We aim to empower enthusiasts worldwide, enabling them to own a piece of their favorite clubs and experience digital content from their beloved sports team as an owner should.

Our Vision

Our vision is a future where sports ownership is democratized, where fans have a direct say in club operations, and where the passion for the game translates into meaningful ownership. We envision a global community of Fan 2 Owners, united by their love for sports and the desire to create a more inclusive and fan-centric sports ecosystem.

Our Plan

Our plan is to start by acquiring a soccer club in Spain through our Series LLC Fan to Owner Futbol 1, setting the stage for a groundbreaking transformation in sports ownership. We’ll leverage crowdfunding, digital platforms, and cutting-edge technology to make this vision a reality. As we grow, we’ll expand into other sports, creating a multisport ownership experience that transcends boundaries and empowers fans around the world.